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    Fraud prevention - blocking IPs of hosted servers, VPNs etc?


    I know some places completely block IPs that are from a dedicated server, VPS of any kind, cloud hosting, VPN, etc, and possibly subject prepaid hotspot connections to further fraud checks. THey hveo therwise completely forced users to only use their real personal or corporate IP address to connect, the one that they had to be approved for a credit account with the ISP for.

    How is this done and is it too much of an inconvenience on most users or no? (Specifically - what database are they using, what API service etc)


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    You can start with CSF as they have some blocklists for proxy and such but I am not sure with VPN or Dedicated server.
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    You can try this.

    You can try site below dude.

    blocks all proxies hosting servers the lot comes at a price though $500 or $4999 for unlimited domains.

    you can get a free trial works great

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    I will look at CSF but how effective are those blacklists?

    I tried looking at Blocked but it costs $12,000/year apparantly for their blacklist, and even if I could justify that cost it reportedly has many false positives.

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    If you are talking about fraud check at checkout (I think you are), I recommend MaxMind. It will give you a fraud risk score. You can either flag for manual review, have them perform a telephone verification or block the order based on the fraud score.
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    We also block orders from VPNs/proxy servers by default. It is true that some genuine people use them to protect their privacy but for those people you can always process orders manually which is what we do.

    I recommend using Maxmind which has a option (if using WHMCS) to block these orders automatically. It does a decent job but once in a while Maxmind will get it wrong but this tends to be rare so well worth using.

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    Maxmind - I was considering, it seems costly but perhaps worthwhile. I am wondering if it is a good idea to pay the extra money for a premium check though, and ask the user to enter their bank information?

    As for privacy - sure, but if you're submitting a valid credit card number then it isn't as if you haven't just trusted me with something more personally identifiable than an IP address anyways. I don't know of any situation where allowing a proxy to place an order is ever a good situation.

    With Fraudlabs Pro has anyone else used this?
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