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    Recommended Apache Settings

    I have setup a new server which is a Dual Xeon Hexa Core server with hyper threading enabled (24 virtual cores) and 64 GB RAM. What will be the ideal settings for the following in Apache

    Start Servers
    Minimum Spare Servers
    Maximum Spare Servers
    Server Limit
    Max Clients
    Max Requests Per Child
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    There is no real settings someone can suggest until you can provide you some information about your traffic. How many concurrent hits you expect to your server, how long they can possibly stay, your PHP handler, etc. Also the mentioned setting is for pre-form MPM. if you you worker / event, you should use corresponding directives.

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    Realistically, this can handle anything you want to throw at it, and I do mean, pretty much anything.
    A couple things to keep in mind

    #1: as someone said above, there is no 'recommended apache setting', only that which works for you

    #2: Apache isn't going to be your major problem, MySQL will most likely be. Apache isn't terribly bad, it's the things that tie into it. Make sure your MySQL configs are good , make sure you're not allowing customers to load that down, that's going to be more of the concern
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