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    Advice regarding e-commerce hosting needed

    Hello. I am developing a network of online shops on a Wordpress Multisite installation using Woocommerce. This shops will be sold to my clients and each shop will have its free subdomain (i.e: with the option of using their own domain. It is my believe that, according to the market i am targeting, the shops will have an average of 200 or 300 products and some variations - nothing out of the ordinary, i believe.

    So, my question is about the type of hosting i should use and which company you think i should check out. I need servers in Europe and i would like to have (for now) a not very high monthly fee for the hosting (around 20/30 dollars), as i prefer to scale later as the network grows. Should such a network of, say, 300 shops require a VPS? Will i be able to provide a good service if i use, for instance, a reseller hosting account?

    HereŽs what iŽve looking at: Eleven2 Reseller plan, Arvixe PersonalClass or BusinessClass, Webfaction, Siteground and A2 Prime+SSD. I will also need to have WHMCS (preferably for free...).

    What is your opinion regarding the type of hosting and which company? I am open to <<snipped>> advice from those who know more about this than me. All the help is appreciated.
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    Hosting advice depending on budget

    Considering the budget that you have and the amount of products I'd recommend you to keep yourself confined with normal hosting or a VPS. Siteground is a good option though however, did you check WP Engine and some other WordPress hosting solution providers? They have some really good reviews and I've tested them too.

    Keep yourself with normal hosting if you have limited products (like you mentioned) but if you have a plan to increase it then better go with:
    1. Cloud hosting
    2. Or, Magento community edition

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    I've noticed that Magento offers elaborate product browsing options, its flexible merchandising engine allows you to develop a product catalogue with ease.
    When it comes to hosting be sure to deal with time-tested and trusted brands. Read customer hosting reviews.

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    I also like Magento. It comes with a reporting suite that allows you to view the performance of your website. You can make changes to the content as required by your customers and it also allows you to integrate the site with website optimisers and google analytics.

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    Agreed. Magento is very effective platform to use for your e-commerce website. The best part I like about it is that it is very easy to use and its extensions.

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    Have you considered bigcommerce or shopify? How about Volusion? I'm curious why settling on Meagento

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    Hello again. Thank you for all the opinions.
    The decision regarding which e-commerce software to use is already taken. As i said previously, i will use woocommerce. I just need advice regarding the hosting. Do you think i can maintain a good quality of service using a reseller plan, for instance? I will host not one, but several shops.

    Thank you.

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    When it comes to shopping carts, security is something that has to be given priority and whether the host support your design platform smoothly.
    VPS will be ideal as a specific amount of CPU, RAM and Space will be allocated specifically for you which will be helpful if the traffic builds up.

    If price looks bit out of your budget then go with reseller. Hostgator would be ideal as they are specialized in wordpress hosting as well.. Also Arvixe is also a not a bad option for VPS Class Personal or Reseller Class Perosnal.
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    And in terms of characteristics of the hosting i should chose, any ideas? If i go the VPS route, how much RAM and CPU you think i should have given the characteristics of the project? Please keep in mind i will not have 300 shops to start with - it will grow and iŽll have time to use a different and more powerful hosting later.

    Thank you.

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    Never heard of this Woocommerce , do let us know your impressions about it.

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    Hey Mentolnet,

    How is it going? What did you decide upon in the end? I'm interested to find out!

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