About Us:

WebHostRepo Software Solutions have been in the WebHosting Industry for the past 3 years and 11 months, providing white-label Technical support for our global clients. We have the infrastructure and plans to meet all your requirements. Find out why we are special !!!

Our Infrastructure

  • 3000 square feet office space, with separate recreation, conference and work place.
  • 2 leased lines and a Broad band internet connection as backup for 24/7 uptime.
  • Diesel generator and individual UPSes for uninterrupted power supply.

Staff Qualification

  • RedHat certified Engineers with real time Industry experience.
  • At least 1 year experience for Level 1 techs.
  • CCNA or Microsoft certification for Network and Windows experts.

Dedicated Admin/Team

  • Level I tech > USD $768/month/tech (192 hours a month * $4.00). Minimum 1 year experience.

Halloween special price > USD $576/month/tech (25% discount)

  • Level II tech > USD $960/month/tech (192 hours a month * $5.00). 2+ years of experience.

Halloween special price > USD $720/month/tech (25% discount)

  • Level III tech > USD $1150/month/tech (192 hours a month *6.00). 3-4 years of experience.

Halloween special price > USD $862.5/month/tech (25% discount)

Note: You can
start with 1 tech and hire more as per requirement or can create a cost effective and strong Dedicated Team with L1/L2 and L3 Admins.

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If you have any queries, feel free to email us at
mgmt[at]webhostrepo[dot]com and one of our Management Team will contact you via email/skype or even phone during your convenient time.