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    Urgent help needed to restore lvm based vps from bare-metal with R1soft


    I need some help to restore a kvm hypervisor from bare-metal using r1soft CDP 3.

    I am going as per theses instructions :

    Here is what i am doing, please tell me why it doesn't work :

    1) I mount the R1soft bare-metal recovery ISO on the destination server

    2) i go in the r1soft bare-metal recovery wizzard, and i perform an LVM restore with success

    3) i reboot the destination server, and then i

    dd if=/dev/vg/backup-vps | ssh remote_server -p 22 -l root dd of=/dev/vg/destination-vps

    ...then i save the vm config in our vps control panel, as per their support instructions after a dd. Doing this re-create the vm config.

    ...but there is never any data inside the lv : the vps can power on, but cannot mount the disk. I can only see the vps is booting up correctly, and the correct lv is assigned to it in the vm xml config file.

    What can i do other than crying on this?

    Thank you,

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