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    automatically restart apache..

    Hello ..

    is there a way to automatically restart apache when it goes down?

    I'm running plesk on centos 6..


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    Something called SIM (System Integrity Monitor) is good for this, fully configurable so you're able to define the paths to any service you want checking.

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    Just install Watchdog (System monitoring extension) on your Plesk. Use Plesk autoinstaller for this.

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    You can also create a cron to monitor it easily.
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    Another option is monit, which comes with very simple configuration. You can read a howto at

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    Whatever you decide to use, ensure that it tests for more than a socket connection on port 80. Apache could accept a socket connection and still not load the page.
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    Its best to create a cron and let it check the apache service.
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    Cron is good, cron is great, cron is your friend.
    The real question you should be asking yourself, though:
    Why is apache going down so frequently that it needs to be constantly restarted
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    How often does it happen? Did you check your logs and what does they say about it? Is your server too loaded - ram, cpu, etc? Did you check your plugins, heavy scripts, etc...

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