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    Study: Women with big butts are healthier

    I wonder if this is true with men who have big butts as well? xd

    I Think I'll keep my skinny butt.

    Study: Women with big butts are healthier

    Women with larger-than-average butts, rejoice.

    Research by scientists at the University of Oxford suggests you may be smarter and healthier than ladies with smaller backsides.

    According to the study from 2010, women who carry more body fat in their thighs and buttocks tend to have lower levels of cholesterol and more likely to produce hormones to metabolize sugar.

    This makes them less likely to develop diabetes, heart disease and other conditions associated with obesity.

    Having a big butt also requires an excess of Omega 3 fatty acids, which is proven to catalyze brain development, ABC News reported.

    Researchers also found that children born to women with wider hips are generally smarter than the children of slimmer mothers.

    The team analyzed data from 16,000 women.
    Source: Study: Women with big butts are healthier | Health - Home

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    Men with big butts = Disturbing.

    Women with big butts = (Sorry Let's keep Content G Rated).
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    Quote Originally Posted by TrentaHost View Post
    Men with big butts = Disturbing.

    Women with big butts = (Sorry Let's keep Content G Rated).
    LOL>.... "Sorry Let's keep Content G Rated".

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    I can only imagine the application that went in to get funding for this study...

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    Some societies have valued slightly heavier women, as they have been associated with being more healthy than very slim women.

    American taste right now is for slim women, but I imagine it varies by culture.

    I would not be surprised if a little bit more fat was associated with better health to an extent.

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    That's interesting, haha. Time to get a lady with a big butt
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