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    Thumbs up I'm NEW GREET ME!

    Hey everyone,

    I'll keep this short, I'm here for the groovy deals and all the hip convos I see here. I'd like to get in on this here community, and meet the brain children behind it.

    As far as myself, I'm in Columbia, MO -- GO TIGERS! And I've got a crazy addiction to virtualization software and the hardware I use to melt it with.

    Thanks in advance for your time, look forwarding to seeing more. If you've got deals on 128 tick cs:go servers, please let me know Peace!~

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    Hi welcome to Web Hosting Talk, we hope you have a pleasant stay and have fun!

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    Welcome, I really like your intro

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    Welcome to WHT, I hope both of you enjoy your stay here, everyone has been pretty friendly for the time I have been here.

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    Hi nimeh and welcome to Web Hosting Talk!

    Thanks for joining, the largest most influential web hosting community on the Internet! Please take time to read and understand our forum guidelines and this answer guide.

    If you need help understanding any forum rules or guidelines, please visit out helpdesk at

    Again - Thanks for joining - And enjoy your stay!

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    @labalaba -- Hey man, thanks for the links. I've been over a bit of it, I'll dive in deeper later!

    Already seems to be my kind of place. Much love and many thanks for the hellos. Have a wonderful Halloween.,

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