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    Question So many customers have been asking if they should register one of the new TLDs. Ack!

    Now that godaddy and a few other big-name registrars have started spamming their customers about "preparing" for the "impending" release of the "thousands of exciting" new TLDs... we're starting to get more and more clients ask if we recommend they purchase one of the new TLDs for their business.

    Honestly, I just don't see the point in any of these new proposed TLDs for the average small business owner.

    Any kind of generic term is going to be registered within seconds of release by the domain squatters who think they're going to make millions. And a business owner who already has "" isn't likely to benefit from getting "".

    I do agree having more registration options will be nice for new businesses struggling to find a decent domain. However, I just don't think it's necessary for an existing business who already has a website, to worry about the new TLDs. (Unless they have something like "". In which case, pretty much anything else would be better.)

    TL/DR; Unless there is a miracle and the business somehow gets a generic term, I fail to see the benefit of the new TLDs for existing website owners.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrzippy View Post
    Honestly, I just don't see the point in any of these new proposed TLDs for the average small business owner.
    He he, you're not alone. You pretty much covered here the reasons why.

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    Basically as end-user, I not very interested in those new extensions.
    I still prefer .com.

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    The new TLD's will be great for some ppl but not so much for existing ppl with a web presence. As you pointed out the guy with won't gain anything by having but for the guy with the same company name in another city or country it's an extra option for them.

    But overall existing companies with a web presence really won't have any reason to worry or think about the new TLD's.
    Tara Roberts

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    * not completely in agreement

    i don't completely agree with you
    i think domain can be made as exciting as possible
    plus .com has got a very generic feel to it nowadays
    specifying it using tads can help people immediately connect with your website purpose
    what .orgs and .infos had envisioned to do in the last iteration.
    the newer tlds will be more successful in doing that
    please encourage every customer to take that up
    keep them excited about their online Portal

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    I have to disagree, the new TLD's just provide more options for those that can't get the .com or .net or .ca they want. They really won't have any more effect on the web than there was with the .org and .info stuff. It's just more options for those that couldn't get the extension they want.

    That's great for new companies looking to grab a short, easy to remember URL but for existing companies already established on the web it really won't make a bit of difference.
    Tara Roberts

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