Hello, I am Ethan I have run servers for years and accumulated experience from Managing, upgrading, and Installing Dedicated, Personal, Gaming and Misc Computers.

I have built my own computer when I was 12, Ever since I been just used to fix computers and electric devices when I can.

My Server experience comes from helping friends manage their game server boxes and clouds. Sometimes fixing what the IT support through their service sometimes unable to fix. I might lack in terminology but Problem solve is something I can do.

I also currently run a internet radio station with friends that support it. People told I have a great speaking voice and very nice when its comes to people. Normally try to solve the problem while I am on the phone/chat. I am also fine with answering with tickets and E-mails. If you need a person to manage social media to ensure promotions and such I can set that up as well.

I have a solid experience of 8 years with servers, 12 with personal computers.

leave a message here or e-mail me at fager.ethan (at) gmail (dot) com