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    Software hosting help!

    I'm not sure where to ask this and I can't perform a search on the mobile app for some reason.

    I'm currently developing a desktop (in the future will be mobile as well) application and wanted to know what is the best solution to allow people to download it. The application will also check to see if there is an update, download and install it as well (if that make any difference). Also I currently parse data (based on websites) on the desktop client, but to alleviate some of the stress on the desktop (it's about 10-20 seconds) I'd like to run my parser on the host and have the client fetch the data from there (it also allows the data to be constantly up to date).

    The client is written in C# using WPF and a console application (which is the parser and hidden from view).

    My conundrum:
    Need a host that has a sizeable upload limit (the app isn't that large, under 250mb), about 2-4gb of storage and be able to run ASP/C# code as I'm not sure on how to put the parser on the host and run it).

    Can anyone advise me the best method for the parser and a cheap(roughly $5-15/month) host? It would be much appreciated as this is my first project (still learning c#).

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    What you are basically asking for is called cloud computing, which is actually some pretty cool stuff, but it's going to be complicated to write. (especially if you are just learning c#) Look into socket programming, also you are going to have to learn another programming language (one that is compatible with the server) to handle the computing on the server side. You can get a nice VPS for that kind of money at

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