Bacula4Hosts SE (Bacula4Hosts Standard Edition)

Target Audience
  • Small to Mid Sized Providers

  • Utilize the Bacula4Hosts Director (control) Service hosted with Bacula4Hosts
  • Customers utilize their own storage devices to backup their own servers/virtual machines

Bacula4Hosts DCE (Bacula4Hosts DataCenter Edition)
Target Audience
  • Mid to Large Sized Providers

  • Install Bacula4Hosts Director Service on providers hardware within their facilities
  • Customers utilize their own Director (control) Server and their own Storage Servers to backup their servers/virtual machines
  • Now accepting Beta Customers for our DCE offering

Bacula4Hosts (SE and DCE) Features:

  • Built on Bacula Open Source and Bacula Enterprise code base (over 10 years of maturity and proven reliability)
  • A near Continuous Data Protection (CDP) solution for Web Hosting Service Providers
  • Bare Metal Restore (BMR) capability for Linux and Windows Servers
  • Simple, easy to use Wizard Functionality to manage your backup/restore process and to manage your storage devices
  • File Level backup and restore capability for FreeBSD Servers
  • End User Self Service Restore capabilities for Shared Hosting customers (Linux, Windows and FreeBSD), Reseller Hosting customers (Linux, Windows and FreeBSD), OpenVZ VPS customers, XEN/KVM/VMware Virtual Machine customers, Dedicated Server Customers and Colocation customers)
  • Backup and Restore over WAN or LAN
  • Backup onsite and offsite with a single backup job
  • Special licensing model for providers with their own OnAPP Cloud Platform installs
  • Prebuilt End User Restore Modules for cPanel, DirectAdmin, Hsphere, Hostbill and WHMCS

SE (Standard Edition) Pricing (monthly contract)

Bacula4Hosts Account Fee = $5/month
Server or stand alone VM = $14/month/server

  • Dedicated Server
  • OpenVZ/Virtuozzo Master Nodes (unlimited VPS containers)
  • Any Virtual Machine not attached to supported Cloud Platforms

Supported Cloud Platforms
OnAPP Hypervisor = $8/month/OnAPP Hypervisor
OnAPP VM = $3/month/OnAPP VM

DCE (Data Center Edition) Pricing (annual contracts)
  • Pricing is dependent on volume
  • During beta program, we are looking for long term partners to continue to grow and develop the product. Custom pricing and commits are available during this period for qualified partners. Please contact us if you are interested in working with us and helping us further develop this product with direct input into the development process and roadmap

Sample End User Restore Screen Captures can be seen HERE

Bacula4Hosts GUI Screen Captures can be seen HERE

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