Umgardi is a privately owned business registered in the province of Ontario in Canada. We strive to provide quality services to our customers through our offerings. With over 12 years combined experience in the web hosting industry, we push to continue offering the same top notch support people have come to know and love from their provider.

All Packages Include:
Free Setup
Bandwidth Overage Protection
(Why live in fear that you'll go over your transfer cap? Sleep in peace with our Bandwidth Overage Protection. We will notify you if you come close to your bandwidth cap, and make suggestions for long term bandwidth requirements. Burst over the limit on one month? No sweat. No overage.)
Canadian Support
(Outsourced support has little vested interest in ensuring the satisfaction of the customer. We pride ourselves in providing Canadian-based support for our customers, and to ensure that any requests for assistance are resolved in a satisfactory manner.)
Guaranteed memory & storage
(It remains yours even if you don't use it.)

We offer the following packages:

Host 4
$4.00/mo CAD
Storage: 1 Gigabytes
Domain: 2
Email : 10
Transfer: 100 Gigabytes
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Host 6
$6.00/mo CAD
Storage: 3 Gigabytes
Domain: 5
Email : 20
Transfer: 500 Gigabytes
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Host 15
$15/mo CAD
Storage: 30 Gigabytes
Domain: 20
Email : unmetered
Transfer: umnetered (100mbps uplink)
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Payment Methods
Credit Card via Stripe + Stripe.JS
Interac E-Mail Transfer via Support Ticket

Terms Of Service Major Notes
Legal BitTorrent Permitted; May be subject to rate limiting.
No Open Proxies
No TOR exit nodes
Zero Tolerance to Spam.
Content must be in compliance with the laws of Canada.

If you have any questions, or a custom requirement that our packages cannot fit to, feel free to contact us so we can tailor a solution fit for you.