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    Niché Startup Business Opportunity

    Dairy farms have been growing in size, but not in numbers. With this increase, the dairy farmer is required to keep more accurate records of animals in his herd. Software development for this niché market has been decades behind. The current solutions available are single platform, offer no mobile options, and have been rarely updated since the late 80's.

    My idea is to give farmers a web-based records database for animal records. In the current software programs each animal has a "card" and all items are stored in it. The items are updated individually or in bulk using commands. Commands also pull up lists based on the data and graphs. Since this method was developed in 90's javascript language using an Oracle database we should have no problems updating it to php and MySQL using our own concepts and functions.

    Eventually once enough farms have joined our system, we can create a social comparison. This will give us the advantage of having all records stored on our databse instead of locally on their computers.

    Over 10,000 farms use some sort of herd management software on at least one computer, charging a nominal monthly fee would make this venture extremely profitable. I have a 4 year degree in agriculture and herd management and have 10 years experience in SQL and PHP programming. I am looking with someone with an expert level of experience in web development, PHP, and SQL that can get this project going. For more information please e-mail me at ryne42 @


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