Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of servers located around the world delivering your content the fastest way possible.
Our PoPís (Points of Presence) are located in Europe, North America and Asia.

Bandwidth: 100GB p/m
Number of websites: 3
Overages per 1GB: £0.05
24h Support
30-Day money Back Guarantee
Shared SSL
Sign up - Only £2.99 per month

Bandwidth: 500GB p/m
Number of websites: 5
Overages per 1GB: £0.04
24h Support
30-Day money Back Guarantee
Shared SSL
Sign up - Only £6.99 per month

Bandwidth: 1TB p/m
Number of websites: 10
Overages per 1GB: £0.02
24h Support
30-Day money Back Guarantee
Shared SSL
Sign up - Only £13.99 per month

Why do you need a Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

Speeding up your sites performance
Reducing response time
Improving user experience
Faster loading for multimedia and rich content

Speeding up your page loading
The QuickClickHosting.com Content Delivery Network allows you to optimize your websites and applications performance without making any changes to your current hosting or coding. The CDN acts as a proxy between your hosting and the world. It caches content as soon as it is requested by users and distributes it at an amazing speed, making your sites run much faster.

Improving user experience
Attract more visitors by offering ease of use from their PC, tablet or mobile.
The use of a CDN can make loading times considerably faster, depending on the types of sites and content.*.
*: Non-contractual element, depending on the content and sites deployed on the CDN, the backends and consultation places.

Fast loading, more multimedia and rich content
The CDN will allow your visitors to download rich content much faster than before. If its static or dynamic, you can submit any type of content to the Content Delivery Network: music, HD photos, HD videos..

Improving international SEO with our CDN
Improve SEO by country
Fastest routing to the closest PoP using our IP Anycast technology

Optimising website SEO
With the recent updates from Google, an important factor is site performance. Loading times are now a must for SEO within Google, Bing and Yahoo. Our CDN reduces the response time and improves loading times.

SEO and Localisation
Normally, the IP address of your site are localised. If our host is UK based, they have a UK IP address. Our CDN uses an IP Anycast address which is not localised and is therefor suitable for everyone wanting an international presence. Search engines like Google use the IP location to refine users searches Ė perfect for local SEO!

A more secure site
An infrastructure that protects your websites and applications
Protection against DDOS attacks
Reduced load on your servers

Reduce Costs
Reduced bandwidth for your hosting
Limit unnecessary requests
Reduce your hosting resources