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    Why I can't see modsec on cPanel?

    My VPS installed Mod Security and it uses basic configuration. I can see it in the WHM plugin page. However I can't see it in the cPanel security page/tab. Why is that?

    How do I fix this issue?


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    If I'm not mistaken, it's not supposed to be in your cPanel security tab.
    It's a plugin and is only accessible via WHM.
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    The Mod Security plugin is only accessible through WHM.
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    Mod Security is available in WHM.
    I remember it does not come default on new cpanel install.
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    ModSecurity is WHM plugin and should manage via WHM. there is no need to add it to cPanel interface.

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    When you enable Mod_security from easy apache, the default configuration white lists localhost from all checks which is a security hole.
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    Yes, localhost should whitelist for some rules and not all

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    Just installing mod_sec via EasyApache, or the WHM plugin, doesn't do anything.
    It needs rules added. That's the hard part.
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