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    Proxy "lower ping"

    Good day webhostingtalk, welcome back to me again.

    I just want to ask about proxifier? that can make your game low ping using proxifier + putty.exe

    How can i make like that? i got my own linux vps, 512mb ram and 1024 burstable ram, i want to make my own lower ping or what for my game (ragnarok), many of users are using this so they can spam skills and without experiencing lag.

    Thank you in advance, sorry for my bad english. Hope you'll help me ^_^

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    Using a proxy to gain lower ping times is an interesting way of going about it.

    The only reason a proxy would lower your ping time is if your route to the end server has faulty routing to begin with. Unless the proxy is specifically right in the path between you and the end server, I don't see it as being a benefit. You are only adding more hops to your route, as you would be going from: You -> Proxy -> Server rather than just You -> Server.

    The benefit of a proxy/CDN service is that the content is stored or cached at the proxy server. This isn't possible with a game server because it is all dynamic content, changing rapidly. A proxy/CDN for web hosting makes sense because you can cache images and files on the proxy server.

    It would only help if the ping time between you and the end server is greater than the ping time between you and the proxy server + the ping time between the proxy server and the end server. For most instances, I don't see this as plausible.

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