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    Wordpress Upload Function Help

    A newbie to Wordpress I am try to accomplish the following task on Wordpress manually.

    I have installed Wordpress . I have made an external page "form.html" which holds a basic HTML form (including a File Upload Field), action for the form is to another page "form.php".

    Now when I submit the form, the image should be uploaded to Wordpress i.e to the media library.

    How do I accomplish it ? Any help is highly appreciated.

    Note : form.html and form.php are located in the wordpress installation directory.
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    Re: Wordpress Upload Function Help

    hi there,
    did you tried to make permission to 777 of upload folder in wp dir?
    and point the upload dir to upload folder in form.html or form.php?
    i think that might be working if you give a try.
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