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    Need VPS reseller or dedicated server

    Hi guys,im a newbie at this forum.i need vps reseller.vps must be unlimited traffic and it must be Windows and Linux Windows vps torrent and other upload programmes can be used without restriction.all vps i must give control panel to my budget is flex.breifly i need a reseller vps or dedicated that i can easly make account and give my customers.sorry for my english.any advice << snipped >> ?
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    What kind of specs do you expect with your flexible budget?

    I hope this is not illegal files you will be hosting?
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    nope not host illegal files,just to download and upload with Windows vps,and Linux vps i will host websites.i can choose it for customers desire Windows or Linux.and specs
    min 6 vps i can set up
    min 2 gb ram per vps
    must be unlimited traffic
    at least two cpu per vps
    between 50gb-150gb hdd
    os Windows or Linux (i can choose)
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    I'm not aware of many reseller programs catered to VPSes. I know they exist, just can't think of any reputable ones off the top of my head. I'd check out Burst.NET, as they're a well established provider and I know they offer this service.

    Lot of folks are hesitant on allowing customers to resell their services, and for good reason. Most resellers can't be bothered to take a few minutes to do a proper manual fraud check of accounts signing up with them and accept any odd order they receive.
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    You can check reseller plan.
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    thanks for answers, and i sent application to them andd waiting their answers

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    Whats your budget and location for vps reseller and server ?
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    thanks for answers,i will search every of it.

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