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    Software/CP for Backup Hosting

    Hi Guys,

    First post, glad I found a forum like this. Now on the the question.

    I work for an Apple Reseller, we are also part of the Consultants Network at Apple. We are looking to provide backup services for our more valued customers. We have a retired BackBlaze storage 3.0 lying around that we will use for the initial trial of the project. We have the drives to populate the chassis and the ability to expand and buy more chassis and drives if need be and after we do some concept testing.
    We partner with a local data center so we have a few racks dedicated to us.

    My question to the community is how we should approach this if we wanted to go through with it?

    My thoughts are that we create some form of distributed storage environment and provide NFS or some other form of storage.

    Can anyone provide some insight as to how we could approach providing a backup service?
    We ideally want compression and encryption...who wouldn't?

    Anyone have any specific successes with what OS and Software will work?

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