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    Thumbs up Initial Review of Peakservers

    I started hosting with them a few days ago, because it was a great deal.

    I had a few issues which actually turned out to be a problem with godaddy not the vps. I don't think Austin ever sleeps. No matter what time of day or night (2am est) He answers the tickets within 5 mins. I have never got that kind of support in the last 10 years.
    I am impressed great company so far

    Peakservers Three thumbs up!

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    Thank you for the review.

    What is your domain hosted in your vps with them?
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    can't send u pm

    domain just propagated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HellzBellz View Post
    can't send u pm

    domain just propagated.
    Verified. Thank you.
    JoneSolutions.Com is on the net providing web hosting services and support 24/7 since 2001.

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    All of your servers got hacked?

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    I agree the downtime is nill, but since last two days my VPS connection is breaking down, since I am using cloudflare so randomly I am getting 522 error, I logged in for support and found that they are having network issue in Dallas data center so opened support ticket but I have not got any reply and it is happening for last two days, earlier there was no problem and everything was running very smooth.

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    Not good to see that you've been involved of the wave of clients that have had downtime/issues with PeakServers... I hope you can recover your data and find a better solution...
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    Thank you to have shared your experience!
    I'm using their VPS plan for test only from almost 5 months and it worked well for a while.
    Now it's quite slow and the support team take hours (+12 for the current one) to reply to the ticket.
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