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    Exclamation Fail-Over Solution with DNS Failover Services


    I just read this great doc ( on the net that explain how to setup a fail-over system to sync 2 servers to prevent any downtime.

    The idea look great to me.. but it look be adapted for one or few websites only..

    I have web hosting company with over 1000 sites hosted and I would like to adapt this solution to get my web hosting infrastructure in failover solution.

    Any suggestion or comment ? All dns failover solution I found on internet limit the number of domains.. With over 3000 domains hosted.. I need a dns failover solution with unlimited domains.

    I think its possible to run a vps with an open source dns server that support failover but not sure if it's the best solution.

    Thank you.

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    Are you looking to have a failover solution for both the websites and DNS?

    Yes, you can run a VPS with BIND and setup all the zones to transfer and use it as the secondary or tertiary DNS servers.
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    My objective is a fail-over system for my customers websites. I want in case if one server have material defective, the other server take the relay to offering zero downtime to my customers.

    Thank you.

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    For people that own a web host company and have a failover solution, if you are open to share your setup with us.. it could be appreciated

    Thank you !

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