Earlier last week, CowBoom (Best Buy) was liquidating their factory refurb'd laptops, so I picked up a pair of Dells (about a year+ old based on the specs) for just a hair over $400 with 1 year protection plans on both. Only thing they were missing were the OEM restore CD's, which I'm not worried about at all.

One of them arrived today. Cosmetically, it looks like it was hardly touched. It appears that the RAM and possibly the HDD were replaced on this one before it was sent out. While I intend to keep regular backups (it is a used machine after all) I figure that if I can get a year or two's use out of them they'll have paid for themselves. One thing I forgot was to look at battery prices for one of the models. That may bite me in the butt some day.

Anyone purchase from them before? Good or bad experiences? Friend of mine said that he bought a laptop from the company earlier in the year for about $300, and he says it looks like it was run through a garbage disposal, although it had been listed as above "fair" condition. Must be luck of the draw, because I've seen some really odd deals (they list a G4 laptop w/ 512MB + 80GB for $1600? -- gotta be a typo) for some older kit which I imagine was in the back of their stock room somewhere.

Today I believe they're featuring console game systems as their "deals of the day".