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    Need advice for setting up central DNS server with a backup DNS server

    Hi Experts, I need advice to organize our hosting
    a. Current scenario
    We have two reseller hosting and two VPS with following nameserver
    reseller 1 -
    reseller 2 -
    VPS1 -
    VPS2 -

    Now what we want to do
    have a very basic VPS (DNSVPS1) and put 8 IP on it
    point each of above NS to each IP on DNSVPS1
    From there we want to point each domain that is hosted on above reseller / VPS.

    how can we do this ? Is there way we can copy all DNS entries from our reseller account to new VPS?

    Present ns > hosting
    we want to change it to
    ns > central DNS server > hosting

    how can we achieve this ?

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    Not sure if I understand what you are wanting to do. Do you have two reseller hosting accounts and your web host manages the DNS currently for you? What are the VPS accounts used for? Do you use any control panel on the VPS accounts?
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