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Thread: Split Hosting

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    Split Hosting

    I'm trying to figure out the ideal way to setup my domain. is a Rails site hosted on Heroko.

    However, has domain registration and hosting customs on a reseller account.

    On the reseller account, should I do the following. and ---> heroku ---> whymcs portal

    Use and for the NS

    Or, is a better approach to.

    mydomain.NET -- be the primary account on the reseller package
    mydomain.NET --- goes to the WHMCS portal

    Finally, why do my large host companies not use there own name for their customers Name Servers. Should I be doing the same? Most big players use a generic domain like Hostgator's

    Thanks for your feedback on best possible path.

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    My apologies, my questions are largely addressed in another thread I started a few weeks ago.

    I've decided to....

    on the reseller account,

    make the primary account...

    put WHMCS on a sub account.

    In this way I should be able to use and
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    Most large hosts use generic domains for namservers and server hostnames to offer completely white labeled servers for their resellers.
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