ModulesGarden is very proud to announce the release of Domains Reseller For WHMCS!
This is a full-featured module which will allow you to efficiently resell your TLDs.
You will be able to easily manage your resellers and allow them to instantly start reselling domains directly to their own clients!
What is more, the module offers you your own API which can be used by your resellers to resell your domains in other systems and platforms!

Domains Reseller For WHMCS will let you also to assign promotional codes to your resellers, generate API knowledgebase for your resellers in your WHMCS client area, automatically generate API key for new users or monitor API logs.
Module is full of amazing functionalities, yet it is simple to install and use.

Benefits From Using Domains Reseller For WHMCS:

  • Easy Reselling Of Domains via API And Domain Registrar Module For WHMCS
  • Organize Your Own API For Domains Reselling
  • Convenient Management Of Your API Users
  • Full Support For Your Resellers
  • Fanatastic Way To Increase Your Profits

Domains Reseller - Provider Features:

  • Your Own API For Domains Reselling
  • Domain Registrar Module Generator For WHMCS
  • Enable/Disable API
  • Restrict IP
  • Auto Disable API For New Users
  • Auto Generate API Key For New Users
  • Choose TLDs Enabled For API
  • List Of Clients With Possibility To Generate/Remove/Enable/Disable The API Key
  • Generate/Enable/Disable API Keys For All Users
  • Filtering API Users Per Firstname, Lastname And E-mail
  • Assign Promocode To Users
  • API Knowledgbase Generator
  • API Logs With Filtering

API Functionality:

  • Register Domain
  • Transfer Domain
  • Renew Domain
  • Modify Contact Details
  • Get EPP Code
  • Get/Modify Nameservers
  • Registrar Lock
  • Release Domain


  • Orders Paid By Resellers' Credit
  • Reseller Can Manage API From The WHMCS Client Area
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Supports WHMCS V5 and Later

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