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    A Little Trick For Gmail Users

    Today I found out a little trick to help me limit spam to my inbox and also help how people got my email address.

    Every day I give out my gmail email address (e.g [email protected]) to websites, forums and other people. But often they give out my email to others and it goes on and on. When it hits my inbox its not possible to find out how others got your email.

    Gmail allows you to add text into your email address by simply puting a + then the text you want e.g ([email protected]). Any emails sent to there would be sent to my inbox as normal but would allow me to filter emails better and would also allow me to find out what websites are giving out my email address without my permission.

    Give it a try
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    That's awesome. Thanks man.
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    Thanks for the trick
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    Great trick. Certainly will be useful

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    I did not understand

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    Nice! Thanks for the tip man.
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    Nice trick
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    Sounds interesting. Should give it a try.
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    Also another trick is that you can use dots anywhere in your username and all messages sent to it will be delivered to you.

    So, for example, if somebody contacts you at [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected], even [email protected] no matter how many dots and where you place them in the username, all messages will be delivered to your account at [email protected]

    Since there are dozens of combinations of dot placements, you have dozens of email addresses in one, and you can use a separate address for your registration to each site.
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    Sam, I actually use that with pretty much every registration (that allows it). Address tags are so handy!
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    Thatís a great trick! Thanks for sharing.

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    That's an interesting find and quite unique. Thanks will give it a go.

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    Thanks for the tip

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    When i register on a site i use one of my non personal email accounts then disable it after registration so any unwanted spam gets bounced.So many site owners think just because you register with the,they have the right to send you every sort of unwanted crap there is.One that annoys m is the useless time wasting noreply type email.I often reply to the support "ah this email was from a noreply email account so in other words it is crap?My isp insists on sending these so i have setup forwarding to their support section.

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    I didn't know we can do this , thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marylisa View Post
    I did not understand
    It basically creates a sort of dynamic alias. - Is your site up?
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