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    Need IPv4 in Europe

    My North American company is expending into Europe, and as such, we are opening up a real office there. As we'll have multiple providers supplying last mile to the new site, we'll have them two of them terminate into our gear via BGP, and one via MPLS. Most of the plans involve one small block of public IP space which would exist on our gear.

    The obvious problem here is that RIPE IPv4 space is depleted. So, I guess I have three options:

    1) Buy/Lease it from somebody (sounds expensive - scarcity)
    2) Go IPv6 - I'd rather not, as I have no other reason to do so at this time, and it complicates the design.
    3) Port a /29 of my ARIN (/24) space to Europe, and get my multiple providers to route it.

    Is option 3) even possible? Or would I need to get a second /24 from ARIN and route it, as a /29 may be too small to route? My ISPs are fairly large...

    In any case, I can't imagine I'm the first person to run into this. Thanks in advance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Growing Pains View Post
    3) Port a /29 of my ARIN (/24) space to Europe, and get my multiple providers to route it.
    This will not work, the minimum accepted subnet by uplinks providers is a /24.
    Getting ARIN to allocate you a /24 to route outside the ARIN region, is against ARIN regulations, so you will not get the additional /24 from ARIN. Your Business deserves our Quality - Experts on Hand since 2005. Europe & US locations, we operate our own network AS35017
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    Another option is to become a RIPE LIR. You will get a /22 of IPv4 space. It will cost you one time fee of 2000 EUR and 1800 EURO per year.

    Another option is to ask for a single IP block from one ISP. Some ISP's can also supply multiple paths to your office (We do this for some mid sized company's in the Netherlands)

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    Becoming a LIR for the amount of IPs you get (/22) is not really worth it, unless you can miss the cash
    I'd just find a partner to do business with who still has space left and use that for your business expansion in Europe. - Online in no time
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    Quote Originally Posted by swiftnoc View Post
    Getting ARIN to allocate you a /24 to route outside the ARIN region, is against ARIN regulations, so you will not get the additional /24 from ARIN.
    I believe there was some discussion on arin-ppml recently about clarifying the allocation policy in this regard, especially as applicable to the OPs intended use.

    OP, have you spoken to ARIN and given them a thorough, crystal clear explanation of the request?

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    If you want to use multiple upstream providers, you still have to use a /24. I don't now the current market prices for Ipv4 but I guess that $1 per month will be likely.

    So becoming a LIR might look crazy, as you compare it with market prices, I think it can be a good choice. You can also use that /22 for future business expansion. But again it depends on how much space you need.

    Partnering with a ISP in the region can also be a good choice. However, mutlihoming will be a bit harder.

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    Would you want only IPv4 blocks, or you need servers too?
    If you lease some dedicated servers, many companies from Europe will give you the IPv4 space needed.

    Try a cheaper country, like Romania, they have a big internet speed.

    I am using with success a company from Romania.
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    IPv4 in Europe

    I spoke with ARIN, and since we're not using 75% of our existing /24, they won't give me another one. They seem to feel that the ISPs in the country will play nice, that one of them will have a /24 and allow to get it reassigned to us. I'm checking with them. Between the three of them, I hope one of them will play nice. They are all rather established. Romania is out. Has to be Switzerland.

    I guess I had a 4th option, and that is to get rid of the dual ISPs. That will be a tough sell, at least initially. We were planning on MPLS for internal traffic from the US, and then two additional ISPs for general internet and IP/SEC tunneling as a backup to MPLS.

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    you can still buy a /24 from RO and then route it as you please... they are kind of cheap
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    Give Savvis a call

    Give Savvis a call.

    They are in the states and in the UK and can use multiple vendors to provide lines as they have pops for verizon, vodaphone (c&w), BT, virgin & colt so one cheque, multi vendor.

    They are not the cheapest, but they are big at this kinda thing and backed by Century Link (3rd largest comms company in the states).

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