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    InstantDedis A Dodgy Hosting Company (Extremely BAD Hosting)


    First off, 2 days into the server, they had downtime, as I posted on WHT, they reported it as a 'DDoS attack', yet their website was down, their excuse was 'Our website is on the same rack as your server.', yet my server was just put into a new rack as the E3v3 weren't installed yet.

    Setup/Provisioning: They said we'll have the server up in 2-4 hours, waited and waited got my server in 6 hours or so, please note these providers are INSTANTDEDIS.

    Pricing Issues: I wanted a discount for first month, they gave me a $24 discount for first month from $139 to $115, I was very happy, 1-2 days later they put their E3v3 server on their website, 32GB for the same price as my server a 16GB rig, I opened a ticket for an upgrade, they reported 'It was a pricing error.', so basically that means I got a $14 discount....

    Network: Now down to the main part, network issues, SO APPALLING, the network is horrible, packet loss and all, they claim 'China had a cable cut', yet all my Minecraft players are not Chinese as their host has the worst latency, so bad that Chinese people cannot even play it (before the cable was cut) and to their horrible network I came from my old hosting providers 50 players online on my Minecraft server to only 4-25ish on INSTANTDEDIS, I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS HOSTING COMPANY. People from Anguilla are experiencing network lag, that's basically saying that it's having network issues to each Los Angeles.

    Support: Another thing, their support 24/7, lets evaluate this for a second, I asked support via live chat, what's the average ticket response time? they quoted me '15 minutes', I had to wait 10 hours for many of my tickets to be answered. So lets evaluate this even more, to get an average of 15 minutes to answer a ticket, either you need to answer 50000 tickets in 30 seconds or it's just a bunch of garbage.

    So overall.

    Support - 3/10
    Network - 1/10 (They should be pleased I gave it a 1, since I lost over 70% of my players due to their hosting)
    Setup - 8/10
    Hardware - Cannot say

    Conclusion: So basically this is me saying that please read this, they may be right on some points, but my big gripe is that I lost over 70% of my player base due to their network issues, people from AMERICA experience latency issues and such, these people aren't even from ASIA, all my Asian player base has quit due to the latency issue.

    Some people may not experience the same issues as I am as I own a Minecraft server.
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    Just a note.

    By the time they read this is by the time I get a reply for my ticket will be. So basically you can see their support first hand. 15 minute average.

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    I think you're over exaggerating, the time it took you to get setup is hardly bad.. Have you tried communicating with them? Did you do any network diagnostics?
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    Did you test their website and a network IP beforehand? Their website seems to ping quite well for me.
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    I'm sorry to hear that, have you contacted their support on the forum? I think there is at least 1 guy from this company posting on this forum.
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    Hi AeroNetwork,

    I would like to start by reaching out to you and offering our apologies for any trouble you may have had. I have been forwarded your tickets and reviewed the details for you.

    1) In regards to the downtime - yes, the network segment you were in experienced a maximum of 1-3 minutes of downtime due to a DDoS attack. However, as we do have monitoring in place, the attack was swiftly mitigated, resulting in minimal downtime for our customers in that rack.

    2) Setup/provisioning - All servers listed on the website are provisioned and delivered almost immediately, usually within 15 seconds. However, the server you ordered was a custom deployment built using our array of on-site hardware, resulting in a complete Supermicro buildout with E3v3, racking & wiring, BIOS/IPMI configuration, OS installation, and all post installation tasks within that time period. There was a delay due to NIC drivers on the new Supermicro Haswell board, but we got that sorted out with you & online soon after.

    2) Pricing issues - you received a $24 discount for the first month and a free switch to an SSD. There were no pricing issues with your server from what I can see.

    3) Network issues - we have not experienced any network issues recently in our CHI1 facility. In CHI1 in particular, we host a very large number of game servers, specifically those for MMO games with international concurrently connected users, and Minecraft servers. Please provide us with traceroutes from your customers in a support ticket for our network admins to review and feel free to personally PM me the ticket number for additional review. We are here to help you.

    4) Support issues - correct, we do have an average support time under 15 minutes. As you can see in other reviews from customers, many clients receive responses from us in under 5 minutes. Tickets that are on hold or escalated for review such as ones asking for refunds are not handled by general support. If you feel that there was a delay in a ticket, please PM me the ticket numbers so that I can review this for you personally.

    I am here to assist you in getting your Minecraft server running at full capacity. Please provide us with network diagnostic data in a ticket or even PM it to me directly here on WHT and we'll take a look for you. We don't like to see someone who is not happy with our service, so we will try our hardest to get this working to your satisfaction.

    Thanks in advance, and we look forward to resolving any issue you may be experiencing with your server.
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    I never would have purchased the server if I had known that I was only getting a $14 first month discount because there was no other compelling reason to do so besides fast setup. You may be saying it was a pricing error though, explain it to me when people have had bought the server, do you think they'll be glad to pay $10 extra on the service they just bought for $129?

    Secondly, I shouldn't have to ask my members to take their personal time to solve YOUR issues, if this is not fixed I don't see a point to continue with your hosting and I will request a REFUND, as these 6 days have not been pleased by your appalling service and by the time you've fixed this DAYS have already passed and cannot be repaired.

    And to the questions above, I did ask for a Ping IP to Denver as I thought I could choose the location of my server it had 240 ping and I was raving about it to Live chat saying it was soo good, and I still never knew the location of the server until I got it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AeroNetwork View Post
    Secondly, I shouldn't have to ask my members to take their personal time to solve YOUR issues, if this is not fixed I don't see a point to continue with your hosting and I will request a REFUND, as these 6 days have not been pleased by your appalling service and by the time you've fixed this DAYS have already passed and cannot be repaired.
    *Note, it's always good to get a traceroute from your client that is having latency issues. It's typically not an issue with the host, but an issue with how the client's ISP is routing them. However, if it is an issue with the host, that traceroute is vital information for them to fix connection issues with your server and keep everyone happy.
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    If your Minecraft player-base is mainly Asian, then you should have bought a server in or near Asia. No surprise they left, since hosting in most United States datacenters would result in high latency. Especially for a game that is latency sensitive, like Minecraft.

    Asia has HORRIBLE connection outside their country. Just saying.

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    Tell me, when did I ever say 'My player base is asian', I only had 1-3 asian players and they all quit due to lag issues.

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    Your review doesn't merit what you'd written in bold above. Act like an adult, problem solve, understand issues do happen and move on.

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    This is quite possibly the worst review I've ever seen.

    You're complaining because...
    • They delivered your server in 6 hours instead of 4. Okay? Get over it.
    • You were happy with the discount that they gave you, and then they lowered their price. So, you're effectively saying that you're pissed because you got the offer that you wanted and then they decided to give their entire client-base a similar offer?
    • Network. Who knows... you're trying to connect to users all over the world, there could be numerous reasons for lag in that case. This is probably your only legitimate complaint.
    • Almost everyone claims 15 minute support responses. Few can actually deliver on their claims. Do your research before buying.
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    What location did you have with them? (I know they have several). I've had boxes in their Chicago location and my comments regarding the network quality would be the exact opposite from what you have stated. There was some packet loss in the Chicago location but it was resolved before a support ticket was even required, so I'd have to give a thumbs up for that.

    Can't really comment on the "Support" end of things since it was rarely required, I've dealt with Dominic off and on with abuse reports and he seems like a nice chap and always get back with me pretty quick. I dealt with Charles directly and he's always been helpful and friendly, so I suppose I'd have to say my views on their "Support" are exactly opposite from yours as well.

    I've never purchased from their "InstantDedis" division and I do not know much about it, so I can't really comment on that portion of your review. But it seems everyone else has already chimed in on that anyways.

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    I second 123Andrew.

    I have been with Serverdeals/Instantdedis for a year now - on and off. As of date, I have decided to settle with them and I am from Asia.

    I used their servers for managing some things - quite important - and never had issues.

    While I remembered Dominic saying that during that period they were having a downtime due to DDOS - he always does the extra mile of personally notifying us via skype too! - I was like what???!!!?? A DDOS?

    I was surprised simply because my server never had issues in connectivity. Turns out they had it resolved in an almost unnoticeable manner....

    I would suggest to push some facts it can enlighten us all.

    Personally, I will probably be interested if you can present us a very compelling reason to move away from Dominic's services

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    Hardly a legitimate review.

    I can't humanly believe that you are complaining about a 6 hour setup time. I have to wait 24-48 hours for any custom orders I request. These people built, tested, and racked your server in under 6 hours - You should be praising them. Also, I have read their site - They guarantee instant setups "usually" - Aka not 100% of the time.

    In reference to their network, I don't see much wrong with it. I've read a bit into them, they seem to have a decent setup to operate off of. Granted, it may not be the best, but it's better than what I've seen from many companies in my day. **I am NOT a customer of InstantDedis. This information is purely supplied by research.**

    As for support... Every support team gets bogged down every now and again. Clearly, your request would have been pushed to a manager or executive of some sort, as you reported issues or perhaps asked about the discount. Generally, normal support staff cannot (or aren't authorized to) deal with those sort of situations. Obviously, this'll make their reply times longer. At least they responded to you - That's better than I can say for many other companies.

    Anyway. I hope you work out your differences, and if you cannot, best of luck in finding a new provider.

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    Spend allowance elsewhere.

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    As far as I have seen, lots of people complaining about nothing.

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