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    Looking for Serious Invester for Colocation

    Lamb Host has been succeeding, but is looking to expand. Our board has determined that the next logical step for us to expand into colocation. We currently rent our servers, but could save over $1,000/month if our servers were to be colocated instead of rented.

    while we are in profit, we do not have enough set aside to purchase hardware necessary for colocation. We will start setting aside profits, but an invester will help us o enter into this sooner and also be able to pass these savings to our dedicated clients as well.

    Our goal is to be colocating by q1 2014.

    We are a registered corporation, and investers would be offered shares in our company proportional to the amount of the investment. We can discuss other rights and obligations if you are interested. Of course, our financial records will be provided to any who give an offer we are interested in.

    for reference, monthly receivables are just under $2,000. Detailed financial statements will be provided upon request to those who give an offer we are interested in.

    We are looking for nothing less than $1,000 investment. Please do not contact us unless you are serious about this and willing to put forth that kind of investment.

    To get in contact, please contact me on Skype, or PM me here. We can also set up a time to talk it over on the phone if necessary, but an initial discussion on Skype is preferred.

    Skype name: Brandon.Olivares

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    This is still open. We are willing to accept at least $500.

    Just as a note, the annual income of the business is approximately $25,000.

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