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    Opinions of Colo Crossing?

    I am currently looking up reviews for colo crossing, and would like to hear any opinions of ColoCrossing also.

    Looking at a dedicated server with them for hosting more VPS's.

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    Do a search for them on these forums, there are alot of bad views for them in here. Which area are you looking a server in. If it is in the NYC/NJ area check out reliablesite great prices and great support. If it is on the was coast phoenixnap is excellent aswell.

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    Hit or miss. You'll find lots of folks who say they are okay. You'll find lots of folk who say they are horrid. Do you like to gamble? Quality aside, I'm not a fan of their business practices, but business is business. This is a shady industry at times and I guess you've 'gotta do what you gotta do'...

    Just use Google.
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    I get the impression they simply dont take **** from anyone. (Exactly the way is or at least was back when I was looking into them)

    Which I understand completely and have no problem with that type of company. Just so long as they are fair.

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    The don't take *** you are right, the support it. Just check the forums about the number of spam complaints and their ignorance about it.
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