Just a heads up, folks.

/* Apache Magica by Kingcope */
/* gcc apache-magika.c -o apache-magika -lssl */
/* This is a code execution bug in the combination of Apache and PHP.
On Debian and Ubuntu the vulnerability is present in the default install
of the php5-cgi package. When the php5-cgi package is installed on Debian and
Ubuntu or php-cgi is installed manually the php-cgi binary is accessible under
/cgi-bin/php5 and /cgi-bin/php. The vulnerability makes it possible to execute
the binary because this binary has a security check enabled when installed with
Apache http server and this security check is circumvented by the exploit.
When accessing the php-cgi binary the security check will block the request and
will not execute the binary.
In the source code file sapi/cgi/cgi_main.c of PHP we can see that the security
check is done when the php.ini configuration setting cgi.force_redirect is set
and the php.ini configuration setting cgi.redirect_status_env is set to no.
This makes it possible to execute the binary bypassing the Security check by
setting these two php.ini settings.
Prior to this code for the Security check getopt is called and it is possible
to set cgi.force_redirect to zero and cgi.redirect_status_env to zero using the
-d switch. If both values are set to zero and the request is sent to the server
php-cgi gets fully executed and we can use the payload in the POST data field
to execute arbitrary php and therefore we can execute programs on the system.
apache-magika.c is an exploit that does exactly the prior described. It does
support SSL.
/* Affected and tested versions
PHP 5.3.10
PHP 5.3.8-1
PHP 5.3.6-13
PHP 5.3.3
PHP 5.2.17
PHP 5.2.11
PHP 5.2.6-3
PHP 5.2.6+lenny16 with Suhosin-Patch
Affected versions
PHP prior to 5.3.12
PHP prior to 5.4.2
Unaffected versions
PHP 4 - getopt parser unexploitable
PHP 5.3.12 and up
PHP 5.4.2 and up
Unaffected versions are patched by CVE-2012-1823.
More details here:

This is probably not an issue for most people, but I still felt like alerting others of it.