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    vps, site not accessible and winxp question


    I have a question I hope someone can answer. I am unable to directly view a site hosted on a vps server with my winxp computer. The site will not load in any of my browsers. FF message: Unable to connect

    Firefox can't establish a connection to the server

    However if I go to pagewash and visit the site from there the site does load. Is this a winxp issue or something else? DNS misconfiguration?

    thanks for any help

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    It could be a bunch of things like cached DNS on your PC, a firewall on the VPS blocking your IP or even a routing issue between both networks.

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    If the website is accessible from other system or other location, it is definitely problem in your local system. It's difficult to tell the main root cause.
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    It shouldn't be an issue with a specific OS, it should be something other than that
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