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    WHMCS + paypal standard issue, credit card not an option

    I am new to WHMCS, and I am just trying to bill a client and let them pay via credit card. Let me emphasize that they do not want a Paypal account.
    When they try to check out via an invoice (and I tested it), it does not appear to allow anything except create Paypal account, no credit card only option. If I am signed in as WHMCS admin and click the pay button on the invoice, it is actually different and works as I expect. So clearly my account is fine with Paypal, but it's not clear to me what in WHMCS is causing this 'Paypal account only' status. Can someone provide any tips on this?

    I did also try to see if I can request payment in Paypal, outside of WHMCS. Paypal sends a link but it just goes to Paypal's home page, no credit card options etc.

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    Nevermind - I changed or removed the address being sent to paypal and it worked normally.

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