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    * cPanel Server Management (Starting from as low as $20 USD/Per Server/Per Month)

    No-One Understands cPanel Server's better than us - AssistanZ....

    With more than 10 years of experience, Assistanz has Served 8+ years in Server Management & Support. AssistanZ now offers Unlimited cPanel Server Management with Free 24x7 Monitoring and Much More.....

    cPanel Server Management (Starting from as low as $20 USD/Per Server/Per Month) with UNLIMITED TICKET SUPPORT / UNLIMITED SERVER ADMIN HOURS and Much More......

    With Every cPanel Server Management Plan from Assistanz Networks Pvt. Ltd. -, you also get.....

    1. Free Resource Monitor License (Worth $4 USD/Per Month)
    2. Free Softaculous License (Worth $ 2.5 USD/Per Month)
    3. Free 24/7 Server Monitoring - 3 Ports
    4. Free Proactive Server Management and interactions with your Datacenter - DC, on your behalf
    5. Free Server Hardening and Tweaking
    6. Free Server Optimization
    7. Free Server Audits
    8. Free Server Setup's
    9. Free Server Migration (For upto 100 GB of data)
    10. Free Technical / Server Admin Consultation
    11. Free Installation of Joomla, Wordpress Scripts etc.,
    12. cPanel License provided at an Unbelievable Discounted Pricing

    What we do in 24x7 UNLIMITED cPanel Server Management & Monitoring:

    • 24x7x365 Non-Stop Server Monitoring with Reboot
    • 24x7x365 Round the clock Tech Support
    • Unlimited Server Administration (Post UNLIMITED Tickets/Requests)
    • New Server Setup
    • Server Backup Restore & Server Migration (Free for cPanel Servers upto 100 GB)
    • System Recovery (Disaster/Hacks)
    • Software Installations
    • Tickets are responded 30 to 45 Minutes
    • Tickets are resolved less than 3 to 5 hours
    • Server Software Installation/Upgrades/Support
    • WHM/CPanel, Kernel, Apache, PHP, Mysql, Perl, Exim, FTP, etc..
    • Server Security, Tweaking and Hardening

    For More Details, please visit -

    Having worked and maintained cPanel hosting platforms, our technicians possess the necessary knowledge capable to meet the varied specialized requirements that surface. Our staffs are well prepared and trained to manage your cPanel server running on CentOS, RedHat Enterprise Linux or Fedora.

    Quality Assurance:

    Our QA team members, with a wide range of expertise and experience in the cPanel Server management domain would monitor. evaluate and audit all tickets received from our customers and the solutions provided to it, by our techs to ensure that all tickets are handled properly ensuring a premium quality of service as assured by us, in accord to our SLA.

    For any identified issues, the client is provided with a PIR - Post Incident Report and this is also recorded and analyzed at our end to fix its root cause and to take precautionary measures for avoiding such issues in future.

    Clients are also requested and contacted for Feedback / Suggestion on the services provided in a periodic manner.

    To Signup please visit this URL -

    Additional Features:

    • Server Performance Audit
    • Server Security Audit
    • Server Security
    • Intrusion Detection
    • Free Server Migration (For upto 100 GB of data)
    • Dual PHP Configurations on the same single server
    • Server optimization along with Optimizing TCP Settings
    • Web Server Fine Tuning and Securing
    • MySQL Optimization
    • Firewall Tuning and Optimization
    • DNS Clustering (At an Additional Charge / Cost)
    • FFmpeg / Mencoder installation
    • Nginx + Apache Configuration / Integration
    • Litespeed installation and configuration (Using the License Provided by you)
    • Manage/ Follow up/ Fix Abuse complaints received from Various Datacenters, ISP's etc.,
    • Configuring ClamAV, Spamassain etc.,
    • Attending to and working towards a solution for IP Blacklist issues due to Spam mail etc.,
    • Locate / fix outgoing spam issues
    • Varnish Installation and Configuration (Using the License Provided by you)
    • Php with memcache / xcache / apc
    • Securing and Upgrading of SSH Server
    • Root Logger Monitoring
    • System Integrity Monitor SPRI
    • MyTOP
    • Secure and Optimize Apache (HTTP)
    • Mod_Security
    • Mod_Evasive
    • PHP Tightening
    • CHKRootKit
    • RootKit Hunter
    • Log Analysis Software Installation
    • Removal of unused software
    • Removal of old logs
    • Root Logger
    • MultiTail
    • Logauditing
    • APF or CSF Firewall Installation
    • Anti-DoS configuration for APF Firewall
    • Brute Force Detection
    • Password Scanner
    • Firewall Admin
    • Shell Fork Bomb/Memory Hog Protection
    • MySQL optimization
    • host.conf hardenening
    • nsswitch.conf modification
    • sysctl.conf hardening
    • FTP Hardening
    • TMP Directory hardening ( /tmp, /var/tmp, /dev/shm)
    • Malware Scanning
    • Virus Scanning
    • Iframe Scanning
    • Hard Disk Performance Tweaking
    • Increasing RAM Memory Efficiency
    • Backup Audit

    Are you Ready to Sign up ?

    To Signup please visit this URL -

    Any Questions? Contact Us at [email protected]...

    1. Sales Live Chat Available on our website

    2. Email: sales (at)

    3. Toll Free US/Canada: +1-888-500-1070

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