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    beware of the

    Hi everyone.

    I just want to share what happened to me last night.

    I have registered last night domain name via

    At least I thought I did. After registration and billing, i have received confirmation email, but from other company

    I have received welcome email, and login details. Also, in my back statement, it said that company that billed me was have never heard of them before)
    I signed in to my account, but there, it said my domain name is not registered with them or expired. Than, i checked WHOIS, and it is really not registered.

    I registered domain via yahoo few hours later, and opened a ticket for explanation and refund. And than, 4 tickets after they said they billed me for hosting on, not domain, even if I never ever heard of them, nor visited their website. I gave my info to, and I was redirected to after I paid.

    I am sanding entire conversation with below if anyone cares

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    10/28/2013 7:48:43 PM - Online Customer:
    I have registered domain with but I have received confirmation email from your company.
    I can login to my account for domain I registered, but I cant control domain name as it says that domain is expired or not registered with your company. Also, I cant change nameservers or do anything else.
    I have checked and domain appears to be free, not registered(but my credit card is billed)

    Do you have any idea what is going on?

    Thank you for contacting us today. We appreciate your patience and your continued business. The domain in question is registered to your name through Yahoo. We hope to continue helping you move your business forward. Have a wonderful day.


    Yes I know domain registered with Yahoo. I did it last night AFTER I sow that you didnt register domain for me, even if you billed my credit card. I have registered domain name with DOMAINNAMES.COM, but I havent received confirmation mail from them, but from your company( Also, in my bank statement it says that billed my credit card. But when I entered your user area, it said that domain is expired or not registered with you.
    So, what did you take money for? Do you plan to refund?

    Solution History On Ticket:
    10/29/2013 1:16:36 PM - Matt F.:
    Dear Goron,

    Thank you for contacting us today regarding the website hosting for We are sorry to hear that you would like to cancel your account. Unfortunately, we cannot process this request via e-mail or online ticketing. This is to ensure that the security of your account is not compromised. We would also like to be sure that you are fully aware of any potential impact closing your account may have. Please contact our Life Cycle Management team at 1-800-932-4678, Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m., EST, for assistance. If calling the toll free number does not work for you, you can call 001-904-680-6600, and request Life Cycle Management or LCM. Once your account is verified, one of our representatives will be happy to assist you. We appreciate your business and regret any inconvenience this may cause you. We look forward to speaking with you soon! Offline Team Life Cycle Management 1-800-545-9076


    Hi Thank you for your answer. However, I live in Serbia, and phone call would be a lot more expensive then few dollars you took for nothing. If refunding is not your policy,OK, I lost 3$, life goes on. But you are mentioning my account, and canceling...Can you tell me what exectly to cancel, because I am confused. Can you give me simple and straight answer:
    1) Do you accept the fact that you billed me?
    2) If you do, what is the service you billed me for?
    3) Did I get what I payed for? Thank you Thank you

    appreciate your patience and your continued business. You requested from us and we billed you for hosting services. We have not billed you for any domain name registration and you yourself stated our system told you that was the case as well. If you no longer wish to have the hosting only account you opened with our company, then you would have to call the international number I supplied. We hope to continue helping you move your business forward. Have a wonderful day. Matthew F.

    So that is it, I have bought hosting from company whose website I have never visited

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    That's bad, trying to fit your problem into their canned responses and denying any responsibility. Thanks for the warning. owns, they also own and

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    I didn't know that.

    Damage is really small(negligible),i still feel bad.
    I wouldn't expect such behavior from huge companies for so small amount of money

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    sorry for your bad experience with them thanks for sharing

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    i have the same problem u have explained. could u tell me, if u called that internation phone, how u did it, and how much per min it cost??

    thnk u!

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    Nowadays, Big companies involving this kind of fraudulent activities.

    Be aware of registrar, before register your Domains.

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    I am sorry to hear about your expiernce, it is frustrating when a company uses canned responses and avoid addressing the issue. - We Nurse & Babysit Your Websites!
    Shared Hosting | Reseller Hosting | VPS & Dedicated Hosting
    24/7 Support | cPanel | Softaculous | SEO Tools | RVSiteBuilder & More.

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    Thanks for stating your experience with these companies, it will help other too in being cautious while buying a domain name.

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    don't put ur credit card in that type fraud site.

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