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    * Coupons and promo codes

    I wonder if this is the right forum to post my question but all I'm looking for is simple.

    Is there a way to post coupons and promo codes to all coupon sites at once.

    For example:
    Coupon Code for hosting: 50% Discount : 50OFF

    to be submitted to all coupon sites at once.

    Another thing does anybody have a list of coupon sites?

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    I doubt there's a place that let's you submit to all coupon sites from just one site.
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    No, but submit to a few of the bigger ones. Usually the smaller sites get their data from those bigger sites.

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    Nope, you'll have to go through site by site to submit the coupon codes.

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    Just post them a few in a advert here haha Google picks them up and so do other sites. I wanted one promotion for WHT users, when I googled I found loads from Chinese sites to India.
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    Coupon code website is run by different people. It is not possible to post at once. Unless you create network of coupon site and publish them all at your own coupon site.

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    I highly doubt this can be done automatically.
    But you can make the process easy.

    1) Collect list of all coupon websites which allow submission on their website. Google is your friend here.

    2) Create account on all coupons websites. Use same username and password on all websites.

    3) Create a bookmark folder in Firefox browser. And bookmark all coupon websites in this folder.

    4) Firefox can save your username and password. So, no need to use any plugin for auto-login.

    5) Open all bookmark coupon websites in tabs by just one click.

    6) Now manually submit your coupon.

    Hope that will help you
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    Quote Originally Posted by RN-David View Post
    No, but submit to a few of the bigger ones. Usually the smaller sites get their data from those bigger sites.
    In big doubt this happens. I upload about 100 coupons each day, but doing it automatically so about less then 1 minute. Doing it manually ... it would take forever!

    There is no free service to do this. You can use sites that provide coupons to other sites like icodes ... but would not recommend it. They give the coupons to those sites ... not place them automatically.
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    Nope I don't think there's any possible way to submit your code into all of the directories at once. You'll have to manually submit then site by site.

    Do a couple a day two / three here and there and after sometime next thing you know you'll been had submit your coupon to multiple sites.

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