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    how country level domain organization is chosen?

    Well in my country all the country level domain registrations are handled by one private company(who themselves are into hosting and domain registration business).

    Country level domain are free but usually they ask for so many documents and make strange rules themselves and keep good names with themselves most of the time(as it is profit oriented private company).

    As far as i know,any government organization should have managed this.
    This list has that private company name.
    so i am confused how it is selected?
    will it never change now?
    can any other apply for it?

    isn't it the governmental organization who should manage it?

    can body knows about it?
    If they say unlimited bandwidth and space,ask them can i donate this server to youtube or facebook,they will tell you the truth themselves.

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    The government of each country decides how it manages it's domain name registry. Some hire a private company with expertise to manage it.

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    frank1, would you mind telling us what your country is?

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