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    Reverse DNS question

    I need to setup some reverse DNS, but before I did so I had a question about it.

    For each of my main VPS IPs, I'm going to set the rdns to the hostname. But each VPS uses another IP for nameservers.

    For those other IPs...would it be fine to set them all to one domain (I'm thinking for all of them), or should I do ns1/ns2/etc for each separately?

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    rdns should be set to whatever hostname is needed for the particular service. For example, if the IP is serving mail, then you'd most definitely want the ptr set to the fqdn for the mail server, since that's one of the spam checks. If it's a nameserver, then set it to that. If they don't have a true purpose, I would just set them to something useful but generic like
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    rDNS should be FQDN. It doesn't matter what you set. For each IP address, rDNS should be unique. That means, if you use for IP, you cannot use same hostname for another IP address.
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