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    HardWare For Viber Like Service

    Guys i am interested in starting a service similar to viber.Its main features are sms, voice and video calling.Now i dont know nothing about these kind of services.So please help me out and give me some insight about how it works and what kind of hardware and software i need to run this kind of service.I want to know these things because before i go to some web and software development company i should have atleast some knowledge of the thing i am going to do.

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    Well viber is a pretty big service to run, on the software end of things, everything is probably going to have to be custom made. (or at least a bunch of API's working together) On the hardware end you are going to need a lot too, speed wise, if you want the service to be fast you are going to need a huge transfer rate, and lots of RAM. The one thing you might not need though is storage, just have all the messages stored on the local device. (the privacy nuts will like that too) Good luck!

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    Keep in mind that a proper architecture for this kind of service will not be just in one server.

    Probably geographically disperse servers, most likely in a tier architecture will be appropriate.

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