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    csf and lfd windows alternative..

    Hello ..

    is there a similar thing to csf/lfd for windows? i.e. blocking IPs after failure attempts to remote desktop and ftp and other service?? I'm running plesk on windows 2008 r2..

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    I really doubt that there is nothing like this on windows! I had a windows server before and it ran all out of disk space, I looked around and found that my server was full of porn!

    restricting services and ports on certain IPs is not a solution.. I have loads of customers! also changing passwords on all panel access and ftp and mail accounts periodically is also a real hell!

    I'm running Kaspersky Endpoint security on my server, but I don't think it does the job..

    any clue?

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    There's really not anything close to csf/lfd for windows. netsh advanced firewall is very powerful, but it's not going to be an automated solution. Most windows environments use hardware fw/sec devices in front of them.
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    I just found out that people are aorund with my server from china and Germany and uae !!!!

    I can't check the logs everyday!! is there really no stupid solution to this stupid problem????????

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    For RDP, you can change RDP port from default 3389 to something else and restrict your RDP access to certain IP addresses (your and your data center). I have never seen software which can works like CSF for Windows server.
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