Our offer is for WHT users.

It is very simple:

Just for $100 per month you can have your own website (see
http://www.ssh101.com as an example) white labeled which will allow to do
free live video hosting for your customers and much more (supports HLS !!! format).

1000GB of video traffic is included. Additional traffic only $50 per each
additional 1000GB of live streaming.

The site allows to create a free account and start live streaming right away in mobile, Roku, Android STB, PC/Mac and much more formats.

The only thing your customers have to do - to uplink in H264/AAC format (please make sure that Audio is in AAC format). Adobe Flash Media encoder for Mac has built in codec. Windows version requires a separate AAC codec.

Let me to reiterate - Just for $100 per month you will have a white labeled solution for your customers to allow them to do multiscreen live streaming.

Please refer to this post - you will not find this offer anywhere else.

See http://livestreamingcdn.com for the contact info.