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    Looking for a managed dedi in usa

    Hi yall,

    been going thru the dedi hosting offers forum, but for the love of god cant seem to find what im looking for. So id tought i ask here to see what the community thinks.

    Im looking for an adult friendly host (all material is legal in US) that allows streaming content.

    I need the following (minimum specs):
    single quad core or higher
    8 gb of ddr
    2 x 1tb hdd
    100 mbps port
    at least 10 tb data included
    Usa datacentre (geo is important for me due to seo)

    budget around 75$

    Hope to find something in here, atm im hosted at a shared account and alltought it handles 90% of the site well, i want that other 10% as well

    thanks in advance,


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    Forgot to add,
    i make use of mastercard for payment.
    i use mostly flv and mp4 movies that are hosted by affiliate programs (so i hotlink them with their permission) but i also accept uploads to the site(s), so i need a couple of modules installed at the start like ffmpeg, ffmpeg-php, yamdi, mp4box, imagemagick.

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    I am sorry to say but your budget is too low for a managed solution.
    Even for an unmanaged server it will be very hard to find.

    I suggest you either increase your budget or lower your standards drastically. - Online in no time
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    What OS, and are you running a control panel. Your budget needs to increase by $50-$60/month at least to get good managed hosting, and you may be able to get the server within a $130/month budget in the U.S. . You may wan to try for a VPS which is cheaper, and you can probably still get managed as well. $75 for everything you require is just to low for U.S. base(reputable) host.
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    Agreed, that budget is extremely low. You might find that the whole "you get what you pay for" analogy applies heavily, should you find that price somewhere.

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    If shared handles everything well then just go for VPS...
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    I was reading your requirements and was thinking to my self, "why cant he find a server that will work for him in the offers section? His requirements are very basic." I think saw your budget and understood why. I think you are just asking a bit more than what is realistic at that price. You may find that unmananaged, maybe, but not fully managed. Providers need to pay actual staff to manage your server for you. Honestly, I think what you would be best off doing is just getting a good, high end VPS. If you are running fine on a shared account you next jump shouldn't be a dedicated server anyways, unless you traffic somehow increased by 2000% overnight.
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    Another solution for you may be to buy a second hand server that meet your specs and then do colocation, this will make you spend less per month.
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    "I think you are just asking a bit more than what is realistic at that price. You may find that managed, maybe, but not fully managed. Providers need to pay actual staff to manage your server for you."

    That statement is oh so very true. Were not trying to pick on your because your offered budget is too low, were only trying to tune you in to the reality of the needs you have versus the available budget you have to pay for those needs.

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