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    Arrow Looking for secure setup mysql on second server for my forum


    I want for a forum to move the db to another server and i need a secure setup guide to do it....

    Thank you

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    You want to move the whole website or?
    Anyway here is a guide how to move the database:

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    I just need to move only the database on a second server so it can get all server resources and with the internal 1.000 Mbit connection it will load faster.

    Thanks for the link but is not what i want

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    So you need just the requests to your database to be served by your new server?

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    Are both your servers in the same DC? On the same network? Does your provider support private networking between servers? If so, I'd start there. I'd disable outside access to your MySQL machine by only allowing the internal IP of the WWW server to communicate with it.

    If your MySQL server is anywhere but local to your WWW server, then you will likely not gain much benefit from having to query across the country.
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    I agree with everything he just said ^^

    If the server is not local (in the same DC) to your main server then this will actually degrade the performance/response times of DC quires and seek times. Get a server local to it, using an internal IP/crossover to the other server and cut out any outside connections to it. That will keep the server completely secure from any outside attacks. Make sure to use SSD drives with this mysql server too! If small enough just use RAM to load the database from, 10x faster.
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    Yes they are on the same datacenter both servers.

    And yes i need just the requests to my database to be served by my new second (only mysql) server

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