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    Going from Apache/DSO to Apache/DSO/mod_ruid2: What do I need to know

    I am on a hybrid/VPS (Centos) where I run several wordpress sites.

    Ever since, I am running Apache with the DSO handler.

    I do this for performance reasons. I also use XCache and W3 Total cache on my wordpress sites.

    The problem I am having with THIS (old) setup is that things like updating wordpress or plugins, although it in general works after I set permissions, takes VERY LONG. I am always baffled working on client's sites who use SuPHP where such things often only take 10 seconds or so while a wordpress update here takes like 5 mins.

    I also frequently run into problems that plugins such as W3 total cache cannot automatically create folders due to permissions errors. I always have to manually upload via FTP.

    My plan is now a) with EasyApache compile both new the latest Apache 2.4 and PHP 5.5.5 and then keep using DSO BUT with mod_ruid2

    What do I need to know, will there permission changes be required after I use mod_ruid2? (It is my understanding that mod_ruid combines the benefits of SuPHP with being able to run DSO handlers)

    Also: What is the difference between PHP 5.4.21 and PHP 5.5.5? In Easyapache it says "experimental" so I am not 100% sure which one to use.

    My ultimate goal is to get rid of having to manually do stuff like setting permissions and also to accelerate things like WP update and of course increased security with mod_ruid2.
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    I won't recommend going with DSO. Use FCGI and if you are familiar with optimizing it, then you will see that it is faster than DSO.
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    Xcache doesn't work with Php 5.5

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    Ok I just did it, I actually compiled it with PHP 5.4.21

    I didn't encounter ANY issues whatsoever.

    On one site I just did a Wordpress update and the update literally took ONE second. Awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by net View Post
    then you will see that it is faster than DSO.
    This seems strange, do you have any benchmarks to provide to support this?

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    As far I know if you wish to upgrade WordPress or its plugins automatically, you will need to load PHP as a CGI module so your options is either use suPHP or FCGI.
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