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    New Certification Authorities


    Just out of curiosity, if someone wanted to become a new CA, which places would he have to apply to?

    I know of applying to the 4 places:

    1) Mozilla NSS,
    2) Google (they use NSS too, but they have a separate application to allow EV certificates to be granted),
    3) Microsoft and
    4) Apple

    which would have the certificate distributed on the latest versions of all of those programs, and even things like Opera which just uses the EV and certificate database of NSS.

    But what other places would be necessary? The goal is to end up with a root that's as widely distributed as something like Verisign or Godaddy.

    And - is it too late to have that root distributed with the older versions of the software?


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    NSS is the big one you want to be in as most of the larger browsers use it. Once you're in there pretty much everyone will accept you no questions asked. The CA business is kind of already sold to the larger players that joined it back when it began.

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