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    Dedicated with ddos protection Europe

    Greetings everybody!

    I am looking for a service that provides dedicated servers and ddos protection in a package.
    The servers have to be located in Europe, with preferably low ping to Russia.

    I do not need outstanding protection, but I need a reliable one from a reputable service. I was looking at Dragonara, but there are many negative reviews. Are there any services you would recommend?

    Thank you!

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    Getting a server from europe with DDOS protection is hard and the best you can do is just get an remote ddos protection like cloudflare or staminus.
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    why hard? There are lot of companies that offer Dos protected servers:

    <<snipped>> Voxility, Solarcom, Javapipe, and some other (excuse me if i missed some companies)
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    What are you protection needs? Webservices? How largge are the attacks?
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    You can take a look at KoDDoS and Incloudibly.

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    I would suggest and

    Everything depends on the kind of services you need to protected and the type of attacks you are experiencing... each of those services has its own peculiarities
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    This is something new that google released, you might want to check it out, it's invite only but from what I've heard most people who applied got in.

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    Windows Azure and Amazon AWS also can tanks some flood too (choose their EU data center), since they are distributed servers. Incoming bandwidth also not counted.

    Although it's not a dedicated servers

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