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    Need backup Server/Solution

    I want to backup my data on a separate server from where I can restore in case of server failure or something disastrous happens.

    Kindly recommend me what to do in this case?
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    check at, they are really good for backups.
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    I have used IceBlueHost and I am very satisfied with their service.
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    How much space you need to backup and what is your budget.

    1) You can get a cheap VPS / Dedicated box and install R1soft on it.

    2) You can get a cheap VPS / dedicated server and use cPanel default backup feature to save on external server.

    3) There are few R1soft backup provider like
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    Quote Originally Posted by talkrelay View Post
    check at, they are really good for backups.
    +1. They have some really good pricing too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by talkrelay View Post
    check at, they are really good for backups.
    ++ I use they service and I satisfied.
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    BQBackup is an option that many people seem to like.

    Don't need to manage a second server, you can just rsync the data.

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    How much do you need on HD?
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    You can buy a VPS and use cPanel remote backup solution to remotely backups important files and directories. Also you can use the rsync command to backup the files to the remote location. But if you are looking for a solution that can restore your entire server from the scratch, then you might have to go for dedicated solution like R1Soft CDP, which provides bare metal restoration.

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    How terrible is it to back up to my home file server as a last resort type of thing? I usually do a full backup once a month over a VPN. I can count my clients with just my hands though.

    edit: i do daily offsite backups at 3am every night to my backup 'hosting' but thats just the clients files, not a full filesystem backup which is what I do monthly.

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    You can consider a tape or backup drive connected to the server for lower cost if it is not a critical server. Also ensure you have the proper RAID installed.

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    Just order another cheap server in another location and make a storage server. - Own data center operator in europe since 2005
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    its very good idea put backup on sperate server instead of same server..
    found any cheape server and set backup on it. after tension free. aaha

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    How much backup space are we talking? Does your provider offer backup solutions?
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    13 starts at $14.95/mo using their servers for backup. Price includes 1 agent.

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    Do your backup server =)

    I'm using that for my backups over years without any problems. And you can find some promotions with some discount codes over here on wht =)

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    end of days, depends on criticality status and how much you willing to spend on it.

    Ideally you should have a disaster recovery plan

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    If you have to backup your database only, r1soft is the best solution for you. You can add the license to your server and it will backup your database + (files if you need) automatically.
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