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    Usual amount of resources offered on shared hosting account?


    I'm being offered:
    - up to 1G of virtual and physical memory usage
    - 256kb/s of i/o usage
    - 20 entry processes
    (all this measured by cloudlinux)

    Regardless of price, is this close to an industry standard, or is it a poor offer?
    I don't see max speed and # of processes listed in most hosting advertisements.



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    This is not far from the norm. I just checked a shared account that I own at another provider and I am provided:

    1024 MB Virtual Memory
    1024 MB Physical Memory
    20 Entry Processes
    25 Processes
    I/O is rate limited at 1024 KB/s

    So it doesn't look too far off. The only difference is I/O. Some hosting accounts have different limits (see "Enterprise Hosting" -- it's normal cPanel shared hosting but higher resource allocations)

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    I got to agree. Those don't look like abnormal resources at all to me. I would say it's pretty standard. It also depends on the shared hosting you're on. There are shared hosts that cost $2 per month and others that cost ten times as much.

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    I think you got the right package i am using 4 hosting plans for SEO purpose to get some backlinks from different IPs.

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    I guess it's very different from hosting to hosting company what they give of resources. It has often to due with pricing, a cheap host, usually limit their customer quite heavy, since resources isn't free, and they need a lot more money to make profit on their servers.
    Indeed this becomes cheaper to make profit the more customers you have, because you need more servers, buying more servers often mean you can lower your expenses due to bulk orders.

    Other companies that is more expensive 'might' allocate more resources, but based on what the site does, and the amount of traffic it receives. A small amount of resources might be okay for a site.

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    i/o usage is a bit less i would say but the rest are pretty standard.

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    Your problem is IO. Normal is usually 1024KB/s and best is 2048KB/s.

    You will have problem running WP with those IO limit.
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