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    None US Web Host

    Hi, I'm currently looking for a webhosting company that is based outside the US. Can anybody recommend a nice one

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    Would recommend
    Saetrevik Network ENK

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    Which region outside the US are you looking for?

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    Where outside the US?
    How much diskspace?
    How much bandwidth?

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    There are many UK based hosting provider like,
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    I would prefer webhost that are based in the Netherlands, Sweden ....countries with strict privacy laws

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    Quote Originally Posted by tasdevil View Post
    I would prefer webhost that are based in the Netherlands, Sweden ....countries with strict privacy laws
    Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe what you are looking for, more specifically, would be an "off-shore hosting provider". There are plenty of them in the Shared Hosting Offers section. However you may want to let us know your budget as well as resources requirements so anyone with ample experience can suggest a few names for your consideration.

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    The only one I have found so far is altushost
    , but when I googled for some reviews it seems they have a very bad service :-( I was hoping of something like them. At the moment I use godaddy...., but I want a website host that is based in Sweden or the Netherlands

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    May I ask why are you looking for an offshore host?

    There are many US providers that provide off shore servers for SEO purposes. It doesn't really make a difference whether the host itself is located in the US or not. It's the server location that counts, if ranking in Google in some particular country is what you want to achieve.

    If you have other reasons, I would recommend you to be careful. It doesn't matter where the host is, if you upload stuff you shouldn't be hosting you can still be liable and your site can be shut down. The UK and Netherlands have a good track record for working hand in hand with US authorities.

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    You can just search it out from the shared hosting offer in WHT or search "offshore hosting" in google. There will be many options for you to choose.

    Thank You

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    Quote Originally Posted by tasdevil View Post
    Hi, I'm currently looking for a webhosting company that is based outside the US. Can anybody recommend a nice one
    I would probably recommend, or as i have used both, and both are very very good.

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    EuroVPS is in Amsterdam (Netherlands)
    Baltic Servers is in Lithuania.
    Both are excellent hosts with everything from shared to dedicated.

    Try one of those.
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    You can search for web hosting companies via their country via

    Specificity for Sweden here is a list to look off of -

    Please keep in mind this is not a complete and comprehensive list, but it is somewhere you can start your search. I would recommend looking up reviews on all your top picks and find a company that will best mesh with your specific needs and requirements
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    why not check the offers section here at WHT, I am sure you will get one.
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    What kind of content you have to host? any kind of sports streaming links or movie links etc?
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    The only offshore shared web hosting I know of is Alibaba Host.

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    195 is UK based and they seems to be good

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    Quote Originally Posted by tasdevil View Post
    I would prefer webhost that are based in the Netherlands, Sweden ....countries with strict privacy laws
    Sweden is also closely working with US authorities. Sometimes it seems that even taking instructions from US/UK. They've got this thing called FRA law, which allows their intelligence agencies to to spy on anyone, so I wouldn't talk about "strict privacy laws".
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    I moved to Altushost soon 2 months ago and the best service I ever have. Quick setup and always there to help 24/7 They helped me with stuff that I believe is not there issue when I crashed one of my site,plug in issues so was my dev problem but they really work for hours to help me,and I have to admit,more then one time lol.I like to push buttons to see what happens haha. I would say outstanding service and NOOOO I dont work there. And btw the price for what I did get I can not find anywere else. I have vps in Sweden and It works great.

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